Exhibiting With Video Systems, Booth D8/D9

BlueNet™ Graphics Creation and Playout System
This year at SET 2011, Chyron will demonstrate BlueNet™, a comprehensive solution that fully addresses broadcasters’ requirements for streamlined end-to-end graphics workflows. BlueNet leverages Chyron’s acclaimed suite of graphics tools and streamlines ordering and graphics asset management, collaborative graphics creation, and real-time playout. Integration with AXIS, Chyron’s cutting edge cloud-based services offering, extends the power of BlueNet workflows in speeding even the most sophisticated graphics to air.

BlueNet minimizes the cycle time from creation to air, ensuring very fast news and sports workflows. Order management tools allow producer-driven content to move smoothly into a rundown, and management tools and easily accessible templates enable instant and efficient collaboration in preparing graphics. Lyric PRO 8 Graphics Creation Software
Chyron’s Lyric PRO 8 graphics creation software continues to put the broadcaster in control of the graphics. With new scriptless conditional intelligent transitions and delivery of superior-quality real-time 3D animations, Lyric PRO 8 enables users to improve the look of on-air graphics with ease and accuracy. Cloud-based content-creation tools are a significant part of Chyron’s product roadmap, and they’ve been extended to Lyric PRO 8 with the introduction of Web-enabled control over Lyric messages and playout. With native support for stereoscopic 3D, scriptless transitions, and touch screen-enabled graphics, Lyric PRO 8 is a worldwide leader for sports and news applications.

Channel Box² Branding and Promo System
Chyron also will showcase its newly enhanced Channel Box² at SET 2011. Channel Box² is a next-generation channel branding system that features 2D/3D design with a complete data acquisition toolset for all branding applications. Built on Chyron’s Lyric technology, Channel Box² allows users to access any data — RSS feeds, traffic, financial, weather, elections, tickers, promos, snipes, and more — and publish it on-air anywhere, anytime. In addition, Channel Box² now offers full language support.

New Channel Box2 software (v. 4.1) introduces a playlist sequencer that allows single traffic log events to play out multiple Channel Box2 scenes. By automating these processes and reducing the operator workload, the Channel Box2 streamlines the workflow and saves the broadcaster valuable time in creating quality broadcast graphics.

Chyron Quote:
““Chyron remains committed to providing broadcasters across the Latin and South American region with powerful, flexible real-time graphics solutions and we look forward to showcasing our award-winning platforms for attendees of SET 2011. In collaboration with Video Systems, Chyron will be demonstrating BlueNet, an industry-leading platform that provides streamlined, end-to-end graphics workflows, enabling broadcasters to meet production needs more efficiently and remain competitive in today’s market.” — Bonnie Barclay, vice president and chief marketing officer at Chyron.

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