Chyron's Social Media Editor


You asked for more 2nd screen solutions?

We answered!

Make your viewers a part of the conversation with SHOUT™, Chyron’s easy-to-use social media editor.

Ideal for news, sports, and entertainment, SHOUT is a software solution that lets broadcasters quickly air social media conversations, including those from Twitter®, Facebook®, Instagram, YouToo™ and RSS feeds, using any Chyron Lyric-based graphics system - including Channel Box. In addition, Mass Relevance® subscribers can now insert data streams directly into SHOUT.

Enhance viewer engagement through a more interactive entertainment and information experience, and instantly create an online community and buzz around your broadcast - with SHOUT.


Expand your social TV universe

This stand alone application includes SHOUT software, Lyric PRO and Channel Box templates, and a hardware license dongle.

Designed as a multi-user application, SHOUT lets one or more users view content and moderate the same playback list simultaneously. Whether in the newsroom or in the control room, multiple operators can add, remove, and authenticate multiple social media accounts. Operators can also create multiple application-wide moderator messages that act as customized posts. 

With Chyron SHOUT, merging your broadcast graphics systems with 2nd screen audiences is a breeze.

Key Features

Assign multiple data sources to a single tab
Easily set and output to air a variety of social media logos for instant viewer recognition.

Embedded Machine Control
Allows moderating & sequencing of multiple lists.

Filter and Replace Incoming Messages
Save time moderating.

Custom Moderator Messages
Insert your custom messages anytime, anywhere.

Multi-user Capability
Allows multiple moderators/producer views and playback controllers.

Two Stage Take (message preview) 
Preview all social media messages before playing to air.

SHOUT/Chyron System Compatibility Recommendation

It is strongly recommended that SHOUT is installed on Chyron systems running Lyric PRO 7.1 or greater. For Channel Box systems, the recommendation for SHOUT compatibility is 4.0 or greater.

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