The only streamlined end-to-end graphics creation and playout workflow.

BlueNet is Chyron’s end-to-end winning workflow and order management system. This comprehensive broadcast graphics workflow combines the world’s most advanced graphics creation, collaboration, management, and playout systems available. 

Leading broadcast groups and sports networks, such as Raycom, the NHL Network, and NRK, use BlueNet to minimize the cycle time from creation to air, ensuring the highest production value in the shortest time.

BlueNet accelerates file-based workflows by leveraging Chyron’s acclaimed suite of broadcast graphics tools, including Lyric PRO, CAMIO, MediaMakerHyperX, and iSQ to streamline ordering and collaborative graphics creation, graphics asset management, and real-time playout.

Integration with Axis World Graphics, the proven leader in secure, hosted, on-demand graphics production, extends the power of BlueNet by fulfilling, sharing and repurposing graphics to air quickly and easily.

To learn how BlueNet can accelerate your graphics workflow, please contact your Chyron sales representative and schedule a demonstration today.


Leading broadcasters use BlueNet to accelerate their file-based workflows, including:

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BlueNet delivers social TV to your second screen audiences, too...

BlueNet delivers the ultimate broadcast graphics workflow when combined with Chyron’s award-winning ENGAGE platform. ENGAGE connects Chyron's CAMIO and Lyric playout systems to a variety of social media services, making it easy to include social media content in your programming. alt

Now you can retain the attention of second screen audiences through enriched viewing experiences, such as Tweets, Facebook posts, viewer polls, trivia and enhanced program content – all of which leads to higher ratings and increased advertising revenue.

To learn how BlueNet can accelerate your graphics workflow, please contact your Chyron sales representative today.

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